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 Post subject: *ACCEPTED* Serathel - Balance Druid
PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:27 am  
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1. Character's Name: Serathel
2. Class/Race: Druid, Troll

3. Main Spec/Off Spec: Balance/Restoration

4. Please provide a link to your armory. ... hel/simple
5. Provide us a brief history of your guilds and why you are leaving your current guild.

<Praise the Sun> Casual Raiding on Druid as Co-Main

<Renegades of Ruin> Joined on Zul'jin, however, My Co-Mains guild had a lot of negative things to say about them, and the guild is quite inpersonable, using forums for everything communication wise.

Co-Main is 690 Restoration Shaman*

6. How old are you? 21

7. Do you have access to a mic and mumble? I do

8. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, list class and spec.
Restoration Shaman, 690, 10/10H 3/7M


1. What tools and/or websites do you use to research your rotation/gearing/reforging/enchanting choices? Reference Balance Druid 6.0 Guide for Up-to date Balance Information posted by Cyous of <Promethean> Class Discussion Forums (RIP)
Twitter Theorycrafting Groups
Mr.Robot Raid Analysis For Data Comparison For Data Comparison Armory References

2. Please provide us a screenshot of your UI in a raid. How does your UI work for you in terms of cool down management Everything is basically done Manually with hours of practice

3. What is your average DPS/HPS in T17 content? Please provide a screenshot of Recount/Skada from a recent raid, or even better, a WoL parse. ... view,c=126

4. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7:20-11:30 EST. Will you be able to make these two raids on a regular basis? Do you see your availability changing in the near future?
I can make raids easily.
5. Can you take constructive criticism? Are you prepared for hours of wipes in the name of progression? Progression=Wiping Patience should be a key virtue in Progression Raiders

6. Please discuss your raiding history, as well as your current T17 progression (Heroic, Mythic).
MoP-Full AotC Experience
7/7H Prior to BrF Drop
Beastlord Mythic 23% Wipe
3/7M Kargath/Twins/Butcher (3.5% Wipe on Mythic Brackenspore)

This and that!

1. How is your connection? Do you DC often?
No, Connection tends to be quite stable

2. How did you hear about us? Do you know any current members of PGB?
Browsing Zul'jin Forums
3. Why do you want to join PGB?
Honestly just looking for progressive raiding guild that I can challenge my Balance Druid in, to strive to excel and clear End-Tier Progression
4. What's something that you, as a player, feel that you do exceptionally well? What could you improve on? I study and research alot, I take mistakes and figure ways to rectify them before next raid. Things I could improve upon would be better spatial awareness at all times.

5. Tell us about yourself outside of WoW.

I work Daylights as a Financial Manager and Purchasing Agent for Campbells Transportation, a Barge Company that works on the Ohio/Monongahela/Allegheny and Mississippi Rivers. I am also a Naval Reservist Intelligence Specialist. I read Warhammer 40k, nerd out on the WoW Forums and studying the changes and progression during the World Race for Warcraft.
 Post subject: Re: Serathel - Balance Druid
PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:36 pm  
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I like the app. We are in a huge need for a Boomkin.

Question: What is the name of your resto sham and what server/guild is it in? If you still raid with it, what days are those raids?

Unless anyone has any blaring objections, I would love to bring you in on Tuesday.


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 Post subject: Re: *ACCEPTED* Serathel - Balance Druid
PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:37 pm  
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Happy Easter!

My Shaman`s name is Serashams, US Sargeras, Fri/Sat Raiding Guild.
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