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 Post subject: Dopescope - MM Hunt. 720
PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:34 am  
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1. Character's Name: Dopescope

2. Class/Race: Troll

3. Main Spec/Off Spec: Marksman / Beast Mastery

4. Please provide a link to your armory: ... e/advanced

5. Provide us a brief history of your guilds and why you are leaving your current guild:
The current guild I am in is where I pvp on with my alts, I got tired of the repetitive spam of guild invites, so decided to park her there. Previous guilds, I haven't done much in WoD, seeing as I took a little break for school and what not. Most of the guilds I have been in since WoD released were just as a casual. I went 14/14 Heroic Siege 25 man, pre mythic with a guild called Six Beers Deep, before that I was in a small 10 man group that was 8/14 progressing Malkorok.

6. How old are you? 18, 19 in June.

7. Do you have access to a mic and mumble? Yes, and yes.

8. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, list class and spec: No current raid ready alts. :(


1. What tools and/or websites do you use to research your rotation/gearing/enchanting choices?
If it's possible the the raid nights, I usually log fights myself, and look them over in my free time to see where I went wrong and how to improve myself for next time.

2. Please provide us a screenshot of your UI in a raid. How does your UI work for you in terms of cool down management: ; That red bar keeps track of my Sniper Training buff, and when I move a yellow bar appears underneath with a timer of how long I have to stop moving to be able to keep the buff. The UI is clean enough to keep me focused on where my character is standing and what's going on around me.

3. What is your average DPS/HPS in current content? Please provide a screenshot of Recount/Skada from a recent raid, or even better, a WoL parse:
I wish I had a parse to share, as it would be the best way to show how I am in a raid environment. But the the Skada information in the screenshot above is from a recent Heroic Mannoroth kill. In my opinion that kill could've been a little bit better.

4. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7:20-11:00 EST. Will you be able to make these two raids on a regular basis? Do you see your availability changing in the near future? I see no problem, it's only 2 days a week.

5. Can you take constructive criticism? Are you prepared for hours of wipes in the name of progression?
If you can't take constructive criticism then there is no way you will get better as a raider. Always ready for hours of wiping. Anything to insure a kill, because the only way to get one is if everyone can work together.

6. Please discuss your raiding history, as well as your current content progression (Heroic, Mythic).
Asking for history, I'll go back as far as I can remember. I've always played a hunter, started back in 2007-2008 during BC. Have brief memories of doing Gruul and Magtheridon. Bits and pieces of Karazhan, Wrath was casual, did GDKPs with ICC and all. Spent time as a casual throughout Cata and beginning of MoP, up until the time Siege came out. Started out with a casual guild doing normals, got taken in by a guild starting heroics, I caught up quickly and did good with the encounters, then went from an 8/14H -> 11/14H guild. Got brought in as a Trial for Siegecrafter progression (they were just starting) seeing as I was a hunter, I was automatically assigned for belt duty, which was easier then most people said it would be. After the raid 2 week trial period was over, they had seen that between the other hunter and I, I was suited more over the geared hunter because I learned quickly and adapted from a 10 man. I then finished out the expansion with them, and as mythic raiding approached, I took the way out to finish school, because that was more important at the time. I came back for 6.2 seeing as I have much more free time, even though I'm going to school, I can balance my schedule to my liking and manage things a lot more easier.I'm currently 13/13H, and I don't have experience with any of the Mythic encounters, unless you consider watching FatBoss guides and how other hunters handle the encounters themselves, then I'm definitely 13/13 experienced.

7. What stage of the current expansion’s legendary quest are you on? I have the legendary ring, currently 762.

This and that!

1. How is your connection? Do you DC often? I don't DC often, I like to think it's a decently solid connection

2. How did you hear about us? Do you know any current members of PGB? I had a conversation with Captinfluffy and he recommended I apply. He knows some of the stuff I had already posted up above^^.

3. Why do you want to join PGB? I want to join PGB, because first and foremost the name is just great. But on the real note I want to be able to progress on a level that isn't casual, but a level where I can still befriend people and get shit done.

4. What's something that you, as a player, feel that you do exceptionally well? What could you improve on?
Everyone as a player can improve on something, if you think you can't do any better as a player then there is something wrong. Someone always does something wrong and can always push themselves beyond their breaking points. You should always strive to be better. Other than that, I feel I play a hunter well, seeing as I have years of experience with them, regardless of this "melee" survival spec being introduced in Legion.

5. Tell us about yourself outside of WoW.
I'm currently going to school for a degree in Computer Science, so lots of math. I'm just that guy that actually locks himself away even though I spend free time on WoW. I know that I will get farther in life if I focus on my school work and not out getting drunk at parties with friends celebrating birthdays and holidays (Did it one night and I completely regret it because I don't know what happened after I woke up. :( ) I'm usually a very quiet person, unless spoken to, then I have no problem speaking up to communicate back. Other than that. If you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to look at this application, even if it isn't the best one, I have a feeling it certainly isn't one of the worst ones. Again, Thank you, and even though I dislike holidays, Happy New Years to all.
 Post subject: Re: Dopescope - MM Hunt. 720
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:21 pm  
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I don't know anything about hunters, other then being loot whores; but I was able to track down some old logs for you: ... #boss=1783

Based on these, and comparing them to a couple of our hunters from that time you're comparable. You're best to link up with Sqwirtle, the GM and resident bad hunter to confirm about trial opportunity; I am more responding so this post doesn't go a week with nothing like most of our application posts do.

In my mind, we could trial you and see how you fit when we smash some of the easier mythics. With our final push, and a long wait till legion upcoming we will be in need of more warm bodies.

 Post subject: Re: Dopescope - MM Hunt. 720
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:42 pm  
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Well thank you for taking a possible interest in me, I'll leave my battle.tag below to get in touch with me.


Best Regards,
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