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 Post subject: Welshy-Warlock 707
PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:30 am  
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1. Character's Name:

2. Class/Race:

3. Main Spec/Off Spec:

4. Please provide a link to your armory.

5. Provide us a brief history of your guilds and why you are leaving your current guild.
I was in Warforged on Moon Guard for most of MoP as their Main Tank as a monk. At the start of SoO I wanted a more skilled group so I joined Post Mortem on Kilrogg as my Warlock. I couldn't handle their times so I left at the start of WoD and joined Entropi up until BRF and then I stopped playing. When I came back I joined back to Post Mortem but they were breaking up right as I came back.

6. How old are you?
7. Do you have access to a mic and mumble?

8. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, list class and spec.
I have a mage, hunter, dk but non of them are really that geared for mythic.


1. What tools and/or websites do you use to research your rotation/gearing/enchanting choices?
I speak and look at top warlocks and see how they play and what they do on fights through logs. I also look at icy-veins as well as simcraft to find anything I'm missing.

2. Please provide us a screenshot of your UI in a raid. How does your UI work for you in terms of cool down management I apologize it isn't in a raid but the only difference is the raid above my chat box.
3. What is your average DPS/HPS in current content? Please provide a screenshot of Recount/Skada from a recent raid, or even better, a WoL parse. These are probably the most recent ones.

4. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7:20-11:00 EST. Will you be able to make these two raids on a regular basis? Do you see your availability changing in the near future?
I will be able to make them but I think every once and a while I will miss a day.
5. Can you take constructive criticism? Are you prepared for hours of wipes in the name of progression?
Yes, I've had plenty of experience with hardcore raiding.

6. Please discuss your raiding history, as well as your current content progression (Heroic, Mythic).
I was able to finish most of the MoP raids on Heroic/Mythic before the next match. Once SoO came out I joined Post Mortem and ended up being 31st US in SoO. In WoD I was in Entropi and was able to clear up to mar'gok on Mythic and finish BRF on Heroic, I took a break after this. I came back and joined back to Post Mortem in the first month or so HFC was out and was brought in to Mythic Iskar progression and Mythic Socrethar progression. Other than this I've finished Normal/heroic in HFC.

7. What stage of the current expansion’s legendary quest are you on?
Last quest to get it.

This and that!

1. How is your connection? Do you DC often?

2. How did you hear about us? Do you know any current members of PGB?

3. Why do you want to join PGB?
I'm interested in joining a guild that can clear all the content with minimal days of raiding.

4. What's something that you, as a player, feel that you do exceptionally well? What could you improve on?
I can play any class very well and play anything a raid group needs, in SoO I played 3 characters in the main group. The thing I probably need to improve on right now is my affliction spec.

5. Tell us about yourself outside of WoW.
I'm finishing high school and plan to go to college in Chicago. I've been playing Rugby at my school for 2 years and I'm on a local sponsored Counter Strike team. Juggling these things around is pretty much everything I do.
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