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 Post subject: Treehots- Resto Druid
PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:09 pm  
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1. Character's Name:


2. Class/Race:


3. Main Spec/Off Spec:


4. Please provide a link to your armory. ... ots/simple

5. Provide us a brief history of your guilds and why you are leaving your current guild.

Vantage-Stormrage- Great bunch of people, a few of them being 12/13M and 13/13M started a guild with earlier hours, but sadly the recruits have not been that great and all we have managed to do was regress. Im looking to clear the tier and head into legion strong!

Black Cell Faction- They were having attendance issues, and were starting to make it up by raiding later and i could not make the times any longer, as it was affecting my sleep schedule for getting up mornings for work.


Left this guild due to leadership turnover, was here about 2 years, gm quit and officers started to quit and new leadership stepped up but most of the old raiders left already at this point, i decided it was time to part ways.

Swarm-Thrall- Left this guild, because i got a promotion at work, and could no longer meet there raid times, raided with them the first week and took a break from wow for about 4 months before returning with a set work schedule

6. How old are you?


7. Do you have access to a mic and mumble?


8. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, list class and spec.

I do but i raid on fri/sat and i raid on a holy pally, which is 12/13M. My holy pally is actually my alt but seemed to have progressed further then my main :(


1. What tools and/or websites do you use to research your rotation/gearing/enchanting choices?

Use to use icy-veins, however, what i find best for my druid and holy pally is mmo-champ class forums, tons of info from top world players and answer any questions you may have. I also like to review other top druid/pally logs and compare what they are doing to myself.

2. Please provide us a screenshot of your UI in a raid. How does your UI work for you in terms of cool down management

Sorry not in combat. only one i have right now.
Honestly, everything is bound to my 16 button mouse, i rarely need to use the binds i have on my ui. I use weak auras for everything.

3. What is your average DPS/HPS in current content? Please provide a screenshot of Recount/Skada from a recent raid, or even better, a WoL parse. ... metric=hps

Most current parses, obviously as a druid it depends on who you are healing with, for example, i use to raid with 2 holy pallys and a disc priest, so i would get 70-80% over healing :(

4. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7:20-11:00 EST. Will you be able to make these two raids on a regular basis? Do you see your availability changing in the near future?

Yes , Times work great!

5. Can you take constructive criticism? Are you prepared for hours of wipes in the name of progression?

Yes, i had 303 total M Mann wipes this tier, before finally killing it, so needless to say, i can handle criticism and wiping pretty well :)

6. Please discuss your raiding history, as well as your current content progression (Heroic, Mythic).

11/13M Resto druid
12/13M Holy Pally

Prior to that, i'll start with Soo, i generally main 2 toons for quite awhile

Soo 14/14H before it was lol Mythic on both toons
Highmaul-did 4/7 Mythic, really did not raid to much here, don't really remember why
BRF-9/10M when current, both guilds decided not to pursue the BH kill because of furnace burnout.

I had another acct prior and raided since wrath, but, i no longer have access to that account and cannot be proven, so sticking with the acct i currently have

7. What stage of the current expansion’s legendary quest are you on?

Done, 795 Ring

This and that!

1. How is your connection? Do you DC often?

No, never unless on blizz end

2. How did you hear about us? Do you know any current members of PGB?

Was a post by captinfluffy on my forums, no i do not know anyone, that im aware of at least.

3. Why do you want to join PGB?

2 Night schedule, decent progression for only 7 hours, and seems like an overall good guild from what i read on the site.

4. What's something that you, as a player, feel that you do exceptionally well? What could you improve on?

Running and healing, i can improve on moving lifebloom around more, raiding with a holy pally and keeping lifebloom on the tanks is not getting me the output it can, if it was moved around alot more.

5. Tell us about yourself outside of WoW.

32 Married with 2 kids, my fun and enjoyment is raiding in wow, use to be leveling alts but don't have the time for everything any longer, when im not raiding, i like to go out with friends and family, bar, movie, dinner, etc. About it for now!
 Post subject: Re: Treehots- Resto Druid
PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:51 pm  
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I think I speak for all of us when I say that you're definitely an interest! Would you be willing to faction/server change if need be? Also what is you btag so we can reach you during raid. We raid tonight so I will bring it up to the officers.
 Post subject: Re: Treehots- Resto Druid
PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:10 pm  
Joined: Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:32 pm
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I added squirtle since it came up as invalid when you gave me your's lol. Anyhow it's beastmode#1982, also i was horde forever, really don't mind swapping back at all, that is not an issue. Thanks
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