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 Post subject: Vasseli - Assassination Rogue
PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:36 am  
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1. Character's Name:

2. Class/Race:
Rogue/Blood Elf

3. Main Spec/Off Spec:
Assassination/Outlaw(but I hate Outlaw)

4. Please provide a link to your armory. ... eli/simple

5. Provide us a brief history of your guilds and why you are leaving your current guild.
Current guild was formed from a merger between my last guild and current one, but doesn't raid anymore.

6. How old are you?

7. Do you have access to a mic and mumble?

8. Do you have any raid ready alts? If so, list class and spec.


1. What tools and/or websites do you use to research your rotation/gearing/enchanting choices?
Icy-Veins, SimCraft, Rogue discord, various guides I've come across and bookmarked

2. Please provide us a screenshot of your UI in a raid. How does your UI work for you in terms of cool down management

I have dot timers to make sure my bleeds stay up, and buff timers to keep track of my envenom buff for max uptime with Kingsbane. I just keep an eye on Vendetta tbh. For everything else, I just ram my fist into my keyboard and top meters :P

3. Link to Warcraft logs: ... analytical

NOTE: Decent logs have been hard to come by since I've had to pug every NH run. Generally speaking I do 700k-750k single target, I will try to get some better logs as soon as I'm able, just have to wait for my new GPU to get here, had to RMA my 970 because it shit the bed, RIP.

EDIT: Some logs from today: ... nH#fight=6

4. We raid Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-11:00 EST. Will you be able to make these two raids on a regular basis? Do you see your availability changing in the near future?
Yes I can make them, no I don't see my availability changing much.

5. Can you take constructive criticism? Are you prepared for hours of wipes in the name of progression?
Yes, yes.

6. Please discuss your raiding history, as well as your current content progression (Heroic, Mythic).
Took a break after clearing 4/7M EN, just came back to the game a couple of weeks ago. I'm 7/7H EN (week one AotC), and 9/10H NH. I've had to pug all NH progression, since my guild stopped raiding as previously mentioned. Some of my fondest WoW memories are of Firelands and BWD with PGB on my shammy (Bloodlustftw). I still remember wiping at like .005%/50k HP on H Shannox back in the day, I'm still tilted about that shit.

This and that!

1. How is your connection? Do you DC often?
180Mb/s down, almost never DC.

2. How did you hear about us? Do you know any current members of PGB?
Former raider in PGB (in Cata, when PGB was still on Mannoroth), I think Sqwirtle is the only one still in PGB from my time.

EDIT2: Noothan plays a lock now? Dafuq???

3. Why do you want to join PGB?
I'm looking for a solid raiding guild that raids 3 days a week or less, and like I said I have fond memories of raiding with PGB

4. What's something that you, as a player, feel that you do exceptionally well? What could you improve on?
Mechanics/Raid Awareness, I seldom ever fail mechanics. My DPS can be better, and I'm always working to improve on it.

5. Tell us about yourself outside of WoW.
I'm a grad student in computer science, I also play League of Legends, and practice martial arts when I'm not too lazy.
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